Art Meal

Serving art as food for thought

Art Meal is inspired by the success of our favorite restaurant: the place that we look forward to going to – to nourish ourselves, to socialize, and to find comfort and new energy. Art Meal takes the restaurant experience as a source of inspiration, as a metaphor, and as the organizing principle for creating a new, innovative exhibition format. Johan Idema submitted Art Meal for the first edition of the Cultural Innovation International Prize. It has been selected as one of the ten final projects.

The audience goes through a sequence of activities that is similar to the dining experience. There is only one major difference: the food is replaced by art – food for thought. Thus, Art Meal turns the classical museum model topsy-turvy. Visitors do not wander through galleries, but are seated together – at tables – while waiters ‘serve’ an eight-course menu of artworks, in new, surprising and captivating ways.

Art Meal is purposefully and imaginatively designed for art to have a greater impact on its beholders, turning the museum visit into a truly audience-centered experience.


Art Meal image 3

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