Beyond the Black Box and…

Rethinking the architecture of the arts

In “Beyond the black box and the white cube”, Johan Idema introduces new and fresh ways of thinking about the architecture of cultural institutions. Like many other countries, the Netherlands is (re)building hundreds of museums and theaters. However, the innovation required to further improve these typologies often stays behind. As a consequence, most museums and theaters remain boxes: introverted and mono-functional buildings that look the same everywhere. This publication presents inspiring and successful examples from all over the world of how it can be done differently.

‘Beyond the black box and the white cube’ is based on research of more than 250 museums and theaters worldwide. The publication (Dutch, 144 pages, full color) was covered in the major Dutch newspapers. Directors, board members, funders, architects and aficionados of the performing and the visual arts – all should read this book.

“A must to get inspired.”
(Edwin Jacobs, executive director Centraal Museum)

“This important book shows that we can and must do it differently.”
(Jan Zoet, executive director Rotterdamse Schouwburg)