Connecting art with audiences

I am a passionate promoter of cultural innovation. Artists will always create great art, but we need to reinvent the way we “bring it to the people”. By presenting art in new, imaginative ways, we can make it more exciting, relevant and approachable for today’s audiences.

Audiences increasingly prefer other formats and settings to experience the arts. A regular exhibition in a white cube museum or a conventional classical concert in a concert hall does not do it any longer for a growing number of people. I consider it my mission to create new ways of bringing the arts to the audience.

The formats I develop serve as inspiring showcases and successful proof that we can present art in new, exciting ways. Innovation is not only about coming up with powerful, innovative ideas, but also about transforming them into sound business plans that get funded and realized. Innovation is bringing a new idea to the market successfully.

Initiator, consultant, entrepreneur or author – with every new initiative I choose the best role to perform.

Together with museums, theaters and festivals, I initiate and develop projects that present art in new, innovative ways. Strong and inspiring concepts, such as The Parade Museum and The Big Art Show, which have an exemplary function. Read more about these projects here.

Once every two years, I publish a book to keep cultural innovation on the agenda and to share my expertise. Recent publications include Beyond the Black Box and the White Cube (2009), Present! Rethinking Live Classical Music (2012) and How to Visit an Art Museum (2014). See all publications here.

With more than ten years experience as a senior consultant, I consult cultural institutions, funders and policy makers on creative concept development, business planning, strategic and innovation management and fundraising. Recent clients include City of Arnhem, Festival Oranjewoud, Rotterdam Arts Council and the Royal Theatre of The Hague.