The Big Art Show (2014)

Turning a theater into a museum

The Big Art Show turns the City Theater of Amsterdam into a museum for one night. The audience will experience visual art works in a theatrical setting. The event turns the classical museum model topsy-turvy: visitors do not wander through galleries, but are seated together – on stage – while presented art works in new, surprising ways. The Big Art Show is initiated by Johan Idema and produced in collaboration with curator Nina Folkersma and the City Theater of Amsterdam.

The Big Art Show showcases the stories behind art works, in order to demystify and intensify the visual arts experience. The Big Art Show was presented as part of Expanding Theatre, the City Theater’s series that explores the boundaries of theater.

The Big Art Show was presented four times on November 30, 2014, as part of the Amsterdam Art Weekend. The Rabobank generously lent art works from its collection to be included in the show.

 (photo flyer: Isabelle Wenzel, photos The Big Art Show: Ernst van Deursen)

0242_2014_11_30_Grote_Kunstshow_16.00_foto_Ernst_van_Deursen_LARGE0232_2014_11_30_Grote_Kunstshow_16.00_foto_Ernst_van_Deursen_LARGE 0244_2014_11_30_Grote_Kunstshow_16.00_foto_Ernst_van_Deursen_LARGE 0208_2014_11_30_Grote_Kunstshow_16.00_foto_Ernst_van_Deursen_LARGE 0237_2014_11_30_Grote_Kunstshow_16.00_foto_Ernst_van_Deursen_LARGE 0235_2014_11_30_Grote_Kunstshow_16.00_foto_Ernst_van_Deursen_LARGE