New pavillion rethinks photo exhibitions

Pictoria is an innovative, mobile exhibition pavillion, which rethinks how an audience can visit a photo exhibition. Visitors don’t walk past photographs on walls, but can choose a seat in a carousel, from where they can set eyes on pictures (including audio stories) that pass them by. Pictoria’s interior, itsexhibition, the sounds, the seats, the drinks, the exterior ‒ everything is designed interdependently as a wonderful new and hopefully groundbreaking ‘gesamtkunstwerk’.

Museums, theaters and other cultural institions can use Pictoria to present them selves in new and surprising locations, such as theater festivals (Oerol, Over ‘t IJ), art fairs (Art Rotterdam) and other events.

Pictoria is currently being developed by Johan Idema in cooperation with NL Architects. As soon as the final design is finished, Pictoria will be presented to interested museums, theaters and other potential users. For more information, please contact Johan Idema.