Radical innovator awards 2014

Johan Idema receives 'oeuvre award'

Johan Idema has received an ‘oeuvre award’ for his efforts as ‘radical innovator in the arts world’. The prize, issued by chairman of the jury and cultural entrepreneur Daan Roosegaarde, was awarded because of the ‘several innovative initiatives, with which Johan has presented inspiring results the last years.’

About the radical innovator awards
Since 2012, the radical innovator awards present ‘the most inspiring, innovative and creative people and organisations: those who do things differently because they believe that things can be done better. Radical innovators are people or organisations who, on their own initiative, find solutions to problems in society and then implement these with courage, vision and creativity in order to make the world a better place’. According to Vrij Nederland, Kennisland and Stichting DOEN, radical innovators ‘form part of a larger movement, one that searches for new solutions, new concepts and new types of collaboration from within society’.


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